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Dr. J Thomas Smith is an award-winning disc jockey and speaker with an illustrious radio career spanning several decades. “The World Famous J Thomas Smith was a staff announcer for American Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS) in Hollywood, California, where his voice was heard in over 50 countries.

He replaced Wolfman Jack at XERB /XEPRS Los Angeles. He was followed by Howard Stern at W4 Detroit. Smith has hosted shows in Atlanta, Detroit, Memphis, and Washington DC and established his Radio reputation predominantly in Houston, Texas at KMJQ, KRLY, and KCOH.

As a talk show host on KMJQ/Magic, 102.1, he has interviewed more than 3000 guests, including entertainers, athletes, politicians, entrepreneurs, and everyday people.

Smith defied all odds, overcoming a speech impediment to get his first job in Radio. He is also a multijurisdiction attorney, master, addictions counselor, and author.

He assists students, administrators, and mid-career professionals transform negative thinking into positive thinking, enabling them to prioritize their goals and unleash their inner greatness.

Students improve their academic performance and speaking skills. Administrators and entrepreneurs develop sales, marketing, leadership, personal development, and communication skills.

He has written several books, including “My Laws of Success: Making Your Dreams Reality,” “The Secret to a New Life,” “Black Radio: An American History,” and “Manifesting: The Art and Science of Living Your Dream Life.”

Speaking Topics to Support Your Audience

The Voice of a Leader: 10 Soft Skills to Amplify Leadership

Drawing from his extensive experience as a renowned DJ, author, and motivational speaker, Dr. Smith illuminates the power of effective communication, collaboration, and charisma in leadership roles. Discover how to elevate your leadership voice and inspire your team to reach new heights while they learn:

Enhanced Communication Skills: Participants will learn to harness the art of effective communication, mastering techniques to articulate their vision, connect with their team, and convey ideas persuasively.

Cultivation of Emotional Intelligence: Attendees will explore the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership, gaining insights into self-awareness and empathy to build stronger, more harmonious teams.

Charismatic Leadership: Dr. Smith will share strategies for cultivating charisma, empowering participants to captivate and motivate others, and fostering a dynamic and influential leadership presence.

Confessions of a Black DJ: 4 Things I Could Never Say on Air

This thought-provoking presentation sheds light on the complexities of the entertainment industry and society while offering valuable life lessons on resilience, authenticity, and pursuing one’s passion.

Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity: Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the cultural dynamics and sensitivities that impact the world of radio and media, fostering greater cultural awareness and empathy.

Resilience and Authenticity: Dr. Smith’s anecdotes will inspire attendees to embrace resilience in the face of adversity and to boldly express their authentic selves, personally and professionally.

Career and Life Lessons: Attendees will extract valuable life lessons from Dr. Smith’s experiences, including the importance of pursuing one’s passion, navigating challenges, and persevering in pursuing a meaningful career.

Black Radio: An American History

A historical overview of Radio, “the most trusted medium.” This book discusses how television created a crisis in radio that led to a new opportunity, the disc jockey. It covers the evolution of black music genres from the African continent to the shores of America. It presents a selected chronology of Black radio pioneers; it discusses Black radio’s impact on the civil rights movement; payola and its impact on music preference in America; politics and regulation of radio broadcasting; the continuing evolution of technology and New Media’s impact on the radio business; Black radio ownership; and artists as entrepreneurs and influencers. A virtual encyclopedia of radio broadcasting and music history.

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